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letters from the wonderworld

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18 October
There's a great scene in Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade where our hero Indy is faced with a big decision. He needs to cross a tremendous chasm, but apparently there's no bridge. Does he turn back? The fall from that height would almost certainly be fatal, after all. How do you step into the void when you can't even see what you're stepping into?

I feel like our friend Indiana-- it's a big space I'm staring at. And if I were to say "Thank you, but no--I'm staying right here. Relative obscurity suits me just fine, if you don't mind" would anyone really blame me? That being said, I'm taking this big step anyway. Who knows why? I suppose you don't have to have great and profound reasons to make your thoughts public. Maybe it's enough to sense their future worth--to you, to your kids, to your friends. Maybe sometimes you just have to take the leap and hope it's supported.

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