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Just a little update to let you know how things are going 'round these parts.

The Police performance was outstanding! I managed to make my way to the very front, just a couple of feet away from Sting, in fact! It was absolutely magical. I mean... The Police! How could it not be?

I got stuck in Charlotte, NC for two and a half days because of the snowstorm on the east. Even that turned out to be a kind of blessing as I partied with people from around the world. They kept the airport bar open well past closing time. Unfortunately, the first night, there were no hotels rooms and I wound up sleeping in the airport chapel. Not as bad as it sounds, really. The second night, though, you can be sure I got a room early.

Still doing the raw food thing and am feeling enormously energetic and healthy because of it. Haven't had meat since 2006 and I don't miss it at all. Should have done this a long time ago and followed my son's lead.

Hubby and I have used the hot tub/spa virtually every day since last summer, even on the coldest days of the year. Even had a snowball fight a few days ago. Rather refreshing, actually. Best investment we ever made.

I've got gigs every week in March (mostly the good-paying corporate kind--yay!) and I'm still very much active in the music scene. Can't believe how much and how beautifully my life has changed since 2005. Sometimes, I guess, you just have to take risks. Sure glad I did. Perhaps that's why I've been so "lucky" lately? Hmm.

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