metafori (metafori) wrote,

the weekend

What a lovely weekend! Entertained sythyry and beetiger and their adorable son Rhys at our home. I'm absolutely in love with the little guy! Not quite three, he's so verbal and so polite and such a joy to be around. I even got an opportunity to read one of his bedtime books to him: Where the Wild Things Are. One of my all-time favorites. (And I discovered I'm quite fond of Mouse Soup as well-- this will be one I will be reading to my own someday grandchildren.)

They just left a little while ago and the house feels so empty now. It's been a long time since we've had any little ones running around here. I've missed the sound terribly.

What a lovely family! Of course, they're welcome back any time. I'm quite sure we'll meet again.

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