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So I made a rather indulgent little purchase recently. I bought...(drum roll, please)... a steam capsule! Yep, I finally did it – bought one of those enclosed spaces where you get in and sweat for twenty minutes or so. It’s like a controlled hot flash. It reminds me of the old transporter room stations from the original Star Trek series; it’s a sleek and spacey-agey cylinder that fills with steam. Makes you almost want to shout “Beam me up, Scotty!” when you’re in there. (Okay so I did. "Scotty" was mildly amused.)

It’s not quite tall enough to stand in unless you’re short. For the record, I don’t have to slouch. Much. There’s a chair and enough space around you that you don’t get any sense of claustrophobia. I put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on the towel and it’s just enough to pleasantly scent the enclosure.

The walls, I should mention, are clear. You can watch a movie from inside if you want to, but I suppose you’d have to keep wiping the moisture off. As for myself, I like the old sit-and-shvitz method of steam cleaning. You just sit there. And breathe. And think.

I’m not surprised that cultures as diverse as Native Americans and Scandinavians would ritualize the use of steam. Maybe it’s the quiet. Or the sense of aloneness, which is quite different from loneliness. With the former it’s just you and your naked thoughts getting reacquainted. There’s something about water that seems to facilitate that process. Steam. Tears. It’s all the same.

Makes you wonder who is stepping out of the machine? And how has she changed?

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