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Attention Wedding-Goers!

I'm in the process of making a wedding scrapbook for the newlyweds complete with all sorts of goodies from the wedding. (Don't worry--it's no surprise to them.) Right now I'm in need of photos, particularly photos of the happy couple making their vows. Also, if you have little gizmos you think belong in the scrapbook, do let me know. Thanks, all. It was a wonderful wedding, wasn't it?
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News slant

It's all in the way you look at it, I suppose. Younger son called yesterday for the first time in nearly two weeks. Seems he only calls when something big happens in politics, otherwise he's way too busy. My friends tell me I should feel fortunate-- some college students call only when they need money.

Anyway, he was pretty excited about the news: "Scooter" Libby had been found guilty in four of the five counts of indictment. I was very surprised to hear this and rushed to turn on the TV. Apparently, the last thing I'd been watching was The Simpsons a few days before because the first thing I saw was Fox News (no, I NEVER watch Fox otherwise). Very interesting slant: "Scooter" Libby found not guilty of lying to FBI.

I had to laugh. Guess that's one way of looking at it. Good ole "fair and balanced" Fox. Tough to put a good spin on this one, eh boys?
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Just a little update to let you know how things are going 'round these parts.

The Police performance was outstanding! I managed to make my way to the very front, just a couple of feet away from Sting, in fact! It was absolutely magical. I mean... The Police! How could it not be?

I got stuck in Charlotte, NC for two and a half days because of the snowstorm on the east. Even that turned out to be a kind of blessing as I partied with people from around the world. They kept the airport bar open well past closing time. Unfortunately, the first night, there were no hotels rooms and I wound up sleeping in the airport chapel. Not as bad as it sounds, really. The second night, though, you can be sure I got a room early.

Still doing the raw food thing and am feeling enormously energetic and healthy because of it. Haven't had meat since 2006 and I don't miss it at all. Should have done this a long time ago and followed my son's lead.

Hubby and I have used the hot tub/spa virtually every day since last summer, even on the coldest days of the year. Even had a snowball fight a few days ago. Rather refreshing, actually. Best investment we ever made.

I've got gigs every week in March (mostly the good-paying corporate kind--yay!) and I'm still very much active in the music scene. Can't believe how much and how beautifully my life has changed since 2005. Sometimes, I guess, you just have to take risks. Sure glad I did. Perhaps that's why I've been so "lucky" lately? Hmm.
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The Police

You know how it's been in the news that The Police are reuniting? And how they're going to be playing at the Grammy Awards show on Sunday? And you know how no less than CNN has announced that they're kicking off their tour with a special private rehearsal at Whiskey A Go Go on Sunset Boulevard on Monday? And how only twenty "legacy members" from Sting.com would be invited to attend that private show?

Um, yeah.

I leave for LA on Sunday morning. This is unbelievable!
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the weekend

What a lovely weekend! Entertained sythyry and beetiger and their adorable son Rhys at our home. I'm absolutely in love with the little guy! Not quite three, he's so verbal and so polite and such a joy to be around. I even got an opportunity to read one of his bedtime books to him: Where the Wild Things Are. One of my all-time favorites. (And I discovered I'm quite fond of Mouse Soup as well-- this will be one I will be reading to my own someday grandchildren.)

They just left a little while ago and the house feels so empty now. It's been a long time since we've had any little ones running around here. I've missed the sound terribly.

What a lovely family! Of course, they're welcome back any time. I'm quite sure we'll meet again.
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(no subject)

Fifteen people. Nine guitars. One tambourine. Enough burgers and bratwurst, chips and dip to fill everyone twice over. And music... so much music!

God, I love my Geezers!
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(no subject)

Anybody care to guess how the show in Idaho went last weekend?


All but two rows in the balcony sold. The audience was receptive and warm. Hubby says he's never seen me give a better performance. Lots of new material. Even the director's fiance said it was one of the two best shows he's ever seen there. I was ON! Took me three days to come down off the enormous high.

The trip itself was full of mishaps and missed connections, but I'd go through it all again for the same kind of performance.

Oh man. Life is soooo good.
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Borrowed this meme. Sorry, there are no links. I tried but can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Thought I’d post my results just the same, though.

Go to Wikipedia.org
Enter your birth day (without the year).
Choose three facts, two births, and one death.

1925 – The Grand Ole Opry opens
1954 – Texas Instruments announces the first transistor radio.
1977 – Reggie Jackson hits three consecutive home runs.

1926 – Chuck Berry is born in St. Louis.
1947 – Laura Nyro is born in the Bronx.

2000 – Gwen Verdon dies in Woodstock, Vermont.
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You have commitments to finish three major projects, but find that whenever you work on one, you have a nagging sense that you ought to be working on either of the other two. You still take time to attend the writer’s workshop, to give you a much-needed perspective on your projects. To give you a much-needed break from them.

You find yourself among forty fellow authors, mostly women, a handful of men, and a teenaged boy who has probably cut classes to be here at two. Within minutes of your arrival, you are separated into groups of five, in a way that wisely prevents friend from sitting with friend. You take a seat at a table with three middle-aged women and the teenaged boy.

The writing is hard: Take a memory. Alter the environment, the viewpoint, the tense. You write and you read and you listen, until you have dissolved into sound waves that stir the air. You note the moment the breeze touches the boy’s eyelids, the pull-down shade in his window, suddenly flying up to reveal the light.
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So I made a rather indulgent little purchase recently. I bought...(drum roll, please)... a steam capsule! Yep, I finally did it – bought one of those enclosed spaces where you get in and sweat for twenty minutes or so. It’s like a controlled hot flash. It reminds me of the old transporter room stations from the original Star Trek series; it’s a sleek and spacey-agey cylinder that fills with steam. Makes you almost want to shout “Beam me up, Scotty!” when you’re in there. (Okay so I did. "Scotty" was mildly amused.)

It’s not quite tall enough to stand in unless you’re short. For the record, I don’t have to slouch. Much. There’s a chair and enough space around you that you don’t get any sense of claustrophobia. I put a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil on the towel and it’s just enough to pleasantly scent the enclosure.

The walls, I should mention, are clear. You can watch a movie from inside if you want to, but I suppose you’d have to keep wiping the moisture off. As for myself, I like the old sit-and-shvitz method of steam cleaning. You just sit there. And breathe. And think.

I’m not surprised that cultures as diverse as Native Americans and Scandinavians would ritualize the use of steam. Maybe it’s the quiet. Or the sense of aloneness, which is quite different from loneliness. With the former it’s just you and your naked thoughts getting reacquainted. There’s something about water that seems to facilitate that process. Steam. Tears. It’s all the same.

Makes you wonder who is stepping out of the machine? And how has she changed?
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